Aeroplane EG1130 for Sale ($30)

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Aeroplane EG1130(Pointed Tip, Speed: 50)

The EG-1130 (Black-Label) Aeroplane Shuttle uses some of the finest materials to produce a shuttle that is suitable for all levels of play. Made from Super white Premium goose feathers and selected top-grade materials, the Supershuttle is perfect for today's players who demand extra durability and accurate control.
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Restring your Rackets ($23)
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Restring your Racket (starting price from $23 depends on string type you select)

We offer a full range of strings and a high class restringing service for Badminton. Your rackets will be skillfully strung by an expert with 25 years experience. We guarantee that your rackets will be restrung to the highest standards, and to your exact specifications. Whether you want to use your own strings, have a limited budget or want the finest strings currently available, we can offer you the quality, value and service you demand as a passionate sports person.

Call our restringer at (917) 403-8922

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