We opened recently as a group who loves badminton. Our club includes different skill  levels of players. Our club includes people from different countries such Russia, China, India, etc.

You can always find someone who speaks your language and someone to be your partner!

Our schedule has  changed. Currently we are open twice a week. On Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45p.m. to 10:00p.m.


Our location is: 3000 AVENUE X BROOKLYN, NY 11235
Contact Yuriy (917)345-7878
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  The WB Brooklyn      Badminton Club

encourages players of all ages and skill levels ito play. Free coaching to all members.

Our membership is open to the general public, and has a reasonable charge of $17.00 per evening.

Our playing facility, which is centrally located, has good floors, light walls, and the accessibility to 6 tournament courts as well as roll away bleachers for spectators.

We offer discounts on equipment and supplies to members.

We have club courts reserved for members during badminton play hours which allows for higher efficiency in organizing games. We abide by the USAB and IBF rules and code of conduct.






Be a  member of our club

  You can come to this club as a member or a nonmember, it is up to you. When you come to the club, you will be introduced to the others and the games will be set by the organizer at the club. You can walk in on any of the days we are open. No reservation is needed. We hope you join us in playing competitive badminton which is the world's fastest known racket sport.

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Our  wonderful sponsors

  We would like to thank our sponsors for donating to our web site who helped us to construct this website to better serve our members. You can find them at the following link http://www.yonex.com

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